Counselling Services

What to expect from therapy

Whether you want to discuss a specific issue or situation, or are looking for a more in-depth understanding of yourself, it can take courage to reach out. Therapy provides a comfortable and confidential environment to achieve this. By listening to you, and looking at what drives you, what scares you and what motivates you, I will help guide you to the inner strength and resources that you have within yourself for making lasting change.


Psychotherapy or counselling?

There is a perception that psychotherapy involves working at greater depth than counselling, and is for the longer term. This is not always necessarily the case. The intensity and depth of therapeutic work can be just as great in counselling as in psychotherapy.
Both psychotherapist and counsellor can help you explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in a confidential and dependable environment, which may involve discussing past events, such as those from your childhood. And that is the approach I take. I’m here to help you consider how your personality and life experiences influence your current thoughts, feelings, relationships, and behaviour. This understanding can enable you to deal with difficult situations more effectively.

Couple counselling

Couple counselling enables people in close relationships to express and explore difficult thoughts, fears and insecurities safely. The counsellor works together with both you and your partner, to understand each other’s experiences and views better, to appreciate each other’s needs, to build on your strengths and make useful changes in your relationship. The counsellor helps you both to achieve what you desire, whether it is to stay together, separate or divorce.

Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

Some clients may find it is easier to be open and more comfortable talking over online platforms as Skype™ or Zoom as opposed to face to face. Research has shown that online counselling can help people feel less inhibited and more forthright during their sessions. It also shows that the benefits are the same as having ‘in the room’ or face to face sessions.

Sometimes counsellors who work online can offer greater flexibility in terms of session times, which makes this ideal for people with busy lives, shift workers and expats (those living overseas).

Expats may also struggle to find an English speaking therapist in the area where they live so by choosing online counselling they are accessing help at the time of need.

Cost of counselling and psychotherapy varies quite a lot and having online counselling and psychotherapy might help clients find more affordable counselling if they chose to work with counsellors remotely.

With deciding on having online counselling and psychotherapy there is no need to travel. This is a great solution for those who are not driving or, for those who do, it saves on petrol, parking and precious time. Clients can also have their counselling sessions remotely during their breaks if they want to. They can have sessions in their own, comfortable environment, surrounded by their own possessions, which for some may be more of a comforting experience. For those who live in a remote area, seeing a counsellor online means that they have more counsellors to choose from, which means having a better chance at finding the one who is right for them.

To schedule your first appointment you may book online or contact me via phone, email or contact form. I respond to inquiries within 24 hours.