Mental Health Issues

Un-puzzling life’s puzzles

Imagine you’ve nearly completed a puzzle – apart from a few missing pieces. After the initial frustration, you may end up confused. You may start questioning whether the pieces you did complete are in fact correct. You can’t take in the whole puzzle because of those few irritating pieces that are nowhere to be seen.

In many ways, life is like a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. We spend our days putting it together, hoping to create something meaningful out of it all. But when we can’t find the crucial pieces to complete our picture, we’re unsettled. Disappointed. Or at worst, we despair.

These missing pieces are the challenging situations in our lives. They might affect our mental health and cause us to feel low, depressed, anxious, stressed, lonely, angry – and dozens other shades of emotion in between.

For our own reasons, we’re sometimes compelled to put all our attention and energy on the missing pieces. And that’s ok.
But my hope is to show you that the missing piece doesn’t have to be the central focus. To guide you to understand why some pieces are missing. And to help you see the beauty of the whole puzzle, even though not perfect.
To make sure you don’t miss the big picture for a few missing pieces.

Mental health issues I can help with


Eating disorders
Low mood
Low self-esteem

Obsessive compulsive behaviors
Panic attacks
Relationship problems
Sexual problems

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