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Panic attack

Panic attack What is a panic attack?   Many people suffer from panic attacks. A panic attack is caused by a natural fight reflex which gets triggered when the mind and body seem to cope with a dangerous situation. Stress hormones are released and we can react much faster. This reaction can be helpful when we face a threatening event,

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Keep calm – online counselling is at your hand

Keep calm – online counselling is at your hand With an increasing amount of media attention on the spread of COVID -19 (coronavirus) there are some valid questions that counsellors are asking themselves: How does coronavirus that WHO (World Health Organisation) now considers a pandemic, affect our clients and ourselves? Is switching to other forms of counselling as online or

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Fear behind ‘open’ words

Fear behind ‘open’ words There is something very similar between opening up to a complete stranger in a counselling room and writing texts which others can freely read. Someone might disagree and say that it is different because within counselling you are expected to talk about your fears and challenges, while you can easily write about topics which are not

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