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Ways to deal with panic attack What is a panic attack? Nowadays more and more people suffer from panic attacks. Everyone knows life is not easy and panic attacks could be a reaction to difficulties we have to face and obstacles we have to overcome. Learning to confront the symptoms of a panic attack may be difficult. It takes time,

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Extending to East Lothian

Extending to East Lothian I am thrilled to announce the opening of my new counselling/psychotherapy practice in Haddington, East Lothian! After establishing a successful private practice in Edinburgh where I have been operating a waiting list for the past several months, expanding to Haddington and starting offering my services to the lovely people of East Lothian seemed a good next

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What is what we call depression and how to find a cure?

What is what we call depression and how to find a cure? Depression is the most common mental disorder, and among the most disabling diseases in the world. Depression has serious social consequences on our friendships, relationships, education and work. Research show that one in five women are likely to be seriously depressed at some point in her lifetime, and

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Fear behind ‘open’ words

Fear behind ‘open’ words There is something very similar between opening up to a complete stranger in a counselling room and writing texts which others can freely read. Someone might disagree and say that it is different because within counselling you are expected to talk about your fears and challenges, while you can easily write about topics which are not

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